Your personal artificially intelligent sous-chef

Make amazing and surprising food every day
Meet the sous

Take your taste buds
for the wildest ride
or park them right back
in your grandma’s kitchen


Explore flavour

Navigate through known and unknown realms of flavours.
Find foods that you already love and those that are strangely familiar.

Suit your taste

Build dishes based on your preferences. Add twists to recipes. Play.
You’ll never get bored or lose your favourite creations again.

Cook with what you have

Found some new vegetable on the market? Suddenly ran out of sage?
Create from what’s at hand and consult your sous if you need a replacement.

The ultimate chef
Your artificially intelligent sous-chef knows no comfort zone. It understands flavours and ingredients, and will suggest stuff you couldn’t imagine would pair well.

Space of flavours
The sous has gone through all the cuisines and will show you how similar or different world's foods are. You can move within a similar taste-range or jump to exotic variations.

Dynamic recipes
Your sous turns dishes into Lego puzzles that you can adapt to your liking: it will help you substitute ingredients, reduce calories or add more vegetables.

Personalised suggestions
Whether you’re allergic, hate coriander or can’t stand vinegar – your sous learns and adapts the dishes to your needs, habits and taste.

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